See what others have to say about their experience at Heat Yoga.

"I am a noncompetitive distance runner that has been plagued by injury over the last few years.  My foot and ankle pain was so bad I thought I would have to give up running for good.  That’s when I started practicing yoga at Heat Yoga in Maple Grove. I’ve been practicing about a year now.  Not only is Heat Yoga astatically pleasing but the noncompetitive environment is perfect for individuals that are new to heat yoga like me.  I find that Heat Yoga is the perfect remedy for running aches and pains.  It allows me to get a deeper stretch which helps my muscles recover faster after long runs.  It has helped me build core strength so I stride more efficiently and also has helped me regulate my breathing.  There are a variety of classes to try and the instructors are fabulous.  The practice has become part of my lifestyle.  I highly recommend Heat Yoga!"

Heidi Koland, Maple Grove resident and distance running coach 

"After suffering from vertigo months after snorkeling on vacation, I had tried various holistic methods to rid me of the dizziness.  Within 3 weeks of attending classes at the Heat Yoga Studio, my dizziness had subsided.  I have been able to go about daily activity without vertigo issues & have been able to enjoy the numerous health benefits of hot yoga."

Dr. Renata Evertz, DC
Spine & Sports Institute 
Heat Yoga Monthly Member

"In 2002 I had my first primary breast cancer and during radiation went to a program at the YMCA call Body Flow which contained yoga. I can remember the relaxation and breathing after the yoga portion of this class. Then about 2005 I was wintering in Tx and my daughter and I started a basic yoga class. Then I would come home after four months of yoga and a little yoga in the Body Flow class I noticed a difference in how my body felt, sluggish and larthogic. Then in about 2007 my daughter and I experinced Breath and Body in Austin Tx and realized what yoga was and had a lot to learn. In the beginning I think you struggle with concentration and doing better. Then in 2009 (I believe) I noticed the Heat Yoga sign in Blaine on my home from the Y and decided if they were there when I returned from Texas in the Spring I would join. Yeah in 2010 they were there so I could now practice all year between Tx and Mn. In the Fall of 2013 I did the 3 month challenge and could go as much as I wanted, wow what a difference 3 times a week will make in the body for strength and concentration. Now in 2014 I had to face my second primary breast cancer and a uncommon ovarian cancer. In Dec 2013 I had bilateral masectomy and was amazed at my recovery, no yoga for 6 weeks, and remember my nurses telling to keep up with the yoga and how strong my body was.In Jan 2014 I had a hysterectomy and once again came thru with flying colors and the nurses comment keep up with the yoga you are so strong. My attitude was one of conviction to make it thru this and not let it get me down, and I contribut that to yoga and the concentration on a daily basis. I had three rounds of chemo and did not go to yoga for 10 days after a treatment, but other wise was there 2 times a week. Durng my recovery I did really commit and cannot believe how strong my body is and my mind to keep forcused on an issue or task. It has helped my horseback riding trememdously as I know I am sitting tall and guiding my horse with body which helps both of you become one unit. After my third round of chemo, March 2014, my oncologist, Dr. King, told me they now suggest yoga for cancer patients and he said look you are already there. I believe yoga gave the strength to get thru this past year and with a positive attitude to move forward. In my daily life I can now lift a bale of hay or sawdust. I have the energy to get my daily tasks done, ride and do some outside gardening. I look forward to my mat and time in yoga. When people complain about how they feel I always suggest you should give yoga a try. To all of you who helped me through this process Namaste."

Terresa - Heat Yoga Student (Blaine)
"Heat Yoga is a new found necessity in my life.  It took my best friend over a year to get me in the door at Heat, and I couldn’t be more grateful.  From my very first class I could feel the benefits in my mind, body and soul.  I feel complete calmness and clarity after a class and the stresses of the day just disappear.  I feel much stronger and more flexible.  My skin feels amazingly soft and is clearer.  I have a connection with and respect for my body that I never thought I would have…it is truly wonderful.  The instructors are all fabulous and are there to help and answer any questions.  I would highly recommend Heat to anyone regardless of athletic ability, shape or size.  Thank you to all at Heat, you will be part of my life for many years to come."
Shari - Heat Yoga Student (Maple Grove)
"EVERY-THING I'm not sure how much you cost but you have the best place I have
ever gone to. I tried you through a groupon.I adore your front desk people very
sweet. I love hot yoga, all of your instructors are awesome. The studio is
clean,welcoming and comfortable. What more can I say. It's one of my best
experiences ever. I love Heat Yoga. Thanks!"
Peggy - Heat Yoga Studio (Maple Grove)
"I believe that all the instructors that I have taken a yoga class from are truly
knowledgeable and experienced. This is a serious studio that concentrates on
yoga forms vs. the latest trend and blend with other things that are just silly.
My body feels challenged, energized and refreshed all in one. "
Katherine - Heat Yoga Student (Maple Grove)
"The instructors are very prompt and descriptive, which helps everyone from
beginners to advanced people in yoga. The environment is perfectly lit and
spacious, plus the music that the instructors use really sets a perfect mood. I
also really love that there is a locker room for your stuff."
Chad - Heat Yoga Student (Maple Grove)

"Very friendly staff. Helpful & talented instructor - also very positive
& rewarded my effort. Made me want to come back & try again, no matter
how difficult it was. Very rewarding experience. I can see this becoming
Eric -Heat Yoga Student (Blaine)
"The classes and teachers are absolutely fantastic. As a newbie to yoga, I felt
welcomed and appreciated for my abilities. The instructors make a point to
discuss modified moves/positions with out making you feel inferior. I am very
thankful to have found this studio."
Caitlin - Heat Yoga Student (Blaine)
"There are many things to like about Heat Yoga-the variety of classes and
workshops, the specials you offer, the teaching you volunteer, and all that
comes with the great staff you have. Both studios offer positive features. My
only wish is for you to be closer for me! I drive the 35-45 min each way knowing
my all around well being is always lifted and improved by my determination to
continue, as well as all of the positive interaction I receive from your
wonderful yoga studios. Thank you!!"
Cheryl - Heat Yoga Student (Blaine)