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11:25 pm

Tuesdays Teacher Spotlight

Name: Chloe Meyer
Hometown: Ham Lake, MN
Classes Taught at Heat: Heat A
How long have you been teaching?: Since completing my 200 hour training this past May
Why become a teacher?:  The physical practice of yoga is something I fell in love with about five years ago.  Separately I began my own philosophical search for understanding the world at large and the inner workings of the mind.  Little did I know it would lead me right back to yoga.  Since realizing that my two passions came together in one place, yoga has become central to my life.  It’s my love and my passion and I want nothing more than to share it while learning more about it with other people.
Favorite pose and why: Headstand, because I never thought it would be possible, and then one day my legs left the ground.
Favorite tune to hear in class: I really enjoy silence or else subtle peaceful music
Motivational tip or favorite quote:This is the real secret of life, to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play” -Alan Watts
Advice to beginners: Really appreciate being a beginner, you won’t be one forever and it’s a special place to be. Appreciate the newness and the fun of yoga.  It might feel odd and awkward at first but this is just the start of your deeper awareness, mentally and physically, of your self.  There is so much room to grow and there are so many new possibilities ahead of you.  Just stick with it, ask questions, and keep practicing.  There’s no set of criteria to be a yogi, you don’t need to walk in the door with anything but yourself.
Where can we find you when not at heat: outside usually reading, hiking, or biking
Who knew?:  I love love love to sing
What do you emphasize in your class?  What would you like students to gain from your class?:  First and foremost I root each class in the philosophy of yoga – in staying grounded in the present moment, being apart of the here and now, noticing life as it is happening.  From there I emphasize alignment, safety, and mindfulness.  I want to make sure the poses are done as safely as possible in order to achieve maximum benefit while avoiding injury.  I also like to teach different poses in similar fashions, to show how poses that seem completely different from one another actually have many of the same efforts.  As odd as they may seem yoga poses aren’t arbitrary, they make a lot of sense and fit together nicely, and I think it’s helpful to share that with students by cuing those similar efforts and drawing from previous poses.  All of that requires paying really close attention and listening to your body and your mind, and that’s what yoga’s all about.
Tell us about other jobs that you do or did before teaching yoga:  I graduated from UMD last May and since then I’ve been working as a Youth Minister at St Joes church.  My hope is to keep pursuing yoga further and further for the future.
What have you learned about yourself on the mat that is applicable to life off the mat?: I’ve learned that mindfulness/awareness of the present moment is key.  Most problems or challenges on and off the mat can be relieved when we get out of our minds, let go of the mental story, and focus on the moment.  I’ve learned that there’s no point thinking about what “should” be, what my pose should look like, or what I should be able to do at this point.  I am where I am today, and I can only get where I can be tomorrow by first being where I need to be today.  Every step of the way is temporary, so I’ve learned to appreciate each step as I go, whether it be easy or difficult, It’s all about dropping the ego, letting life be, and enjoying it the whole way through. 
What difference have you noticed in your body and overall health since practicing yoga?: My body has never been in better shape.  I’m more flexible than I was as a dancer and in a more healthy way and yet I’m equally strong both physically and mentally, as a counter balance.  Overall I have a greater sense of body awareness.  I appreciate my body more and am mindful of foods I eat and how I carry myself day to day.  On top of that my overall view of life has shifted.  I think what I appreciate most is the balance, equilibrium, and care yoga has helped me achieve in both mind and body.

11:28 pm

More New Faces at Heat!

Nicole Christianson has joined our teaching staff! Nicole is a recent graduate of our YogaWorks Teacher Training Program. Nicole will be teaching at our Maple Grove Studio starting in July. Check out our staff page to learn more about Nicole! Also, look for a familiar face from behind the front desk on the teaching schedule! Our very own, Anna Rose Bakke, will start teaching at our Blaine Studio on this Sunday, July 6th! 

10:36 pm

New Faces at Heat!

There's lots of new faces at Heat Yoga Studios! Ellen Anderson, Krista Nielsen and Chloe Meyer have joined the Heat teaching staff. You can find Ellen on Tuesdays at 7 & 8:30 pm or Sundays at 4, 5, and 7:30 pm at our Blaine Studio. Krista teaches on Mondays at 6, 9:30 and 11 am at Blaine and Chloe teaches at 4 pm at Blaine on Saturdays. Check out the schedule page to sign up to take a class with one of them today! 

10:58 pm

Tuesday Teacher Spotlight - Rachel Los

Name: Rachel Los

Hometown: Coon Rapids, MN

Teaching for 4 1/2 years

Why I became a teacher:

I struggled with major depression from ages 15-21. Depression led me to addiction which led me into some pretty dark places. Through yoga, I found a way to let go of the stress and pressure I constantly put on myself to be happy. Instead of happiness, I found santosha- or contentment. I want to inspire others to also lift themselves out of whatever 'funk' they may find themselves in. I want to help people find hope.

Favorite pose and why:

I have a new favorite pose all the time. Right now, it's plank. Once I figure out how to adjust myself into a place of work AND ease, I truly find joy in my strength. I also have to be hyper-aware of how I talk to myself during plank. I have to keep reminding myself that I am a strong able-bodied woman and be careful not to talk myself out of how awesome plank is!

Favorite tune to hear in class:

Honestly, I prefer silence in my current practice. I love the 'tune' of my ujjayi breath.

Favorite tip or quote:

"You are not a body, you have a body. You are a soul." -Picasso

Advice to beginners:

When in doubt, breathe. When stressed out, breathe. Bored? Angry? Sad? Happy? BREATHE. Everything you feel in yoga is real and your breath is your greatest tool to get past all of the discomfort of the asana (poses). Keep on going to class, working hard, and the clarity will follow. Trust.

Where you can find me when I'm not at Heat:

Whole Foods. It's my second home. Or you can find me at my real home in New Hope with my husband , our 10 month old son, and kitty Eskimo.

Fun fact:

My husband and I got married at Pizza Luce in downtown Minneapolis. Then we ate pizza and drank beer.

What do I emphasize in my classes?:

I emphasize that every body is different. Yoga is primarily to let go of the attachment and image of the body. We are here using these bodies as mobility, to get around. The asana practice is for maintaining that body, and it's a way to thank it. Meditation is for maintaining the soul. I also emphasize the way you talk to yourself. What do you tell yourself when the asana gets tough? Do you build yourself up or break yourself down? It can be powerful either way, and getting used to making no judgment towards your practice is even more powerful.

Other jobs:
I have had many jobs. I was a toddler assistant teacher at a daycare, followed by a Certified Nursing Assistant at a memory care facility, then an infant assistant teacher, and now I am a birth and postpartum doula, mother, and wife. Teaching yoga has been in the mix the entire time. 
What have I learned on my mat?:
I have learned that I do not have time to be angry. I have wasted a lot of time and life being a very angry, anxious, and sad person. I have lived in my body too harshly, and I have been a sour pickle to be around. Once I took my two 200 hour trainings, a lot of my issues were released and I felt lighter. I feel free. I am definitely not done working- probably will never be. That's why we call it a practice. I practice patience, love, and trust now... and it's so helpful as a mother to live yoga.
Difference in my overall health and body:
My health is pretty fantastic. I don't attribute it all to the physical practice, more to the mental pieces. I am so aware and mindful of what I eat, how I live, and releasing stress that I hardly ever get sick. Healing with foods as medicine has become a huge part of my family's life. My sister leads these mindful eating challenges that bring my to my mat more and force me to take deep breaths before I eat, which, believe it or not, is the hardest part. Plus, I LOVE cookies. I really really love cookies. One could say I am a bit addicted. I have to be hyper-mindful about how I consume cookies. As of right now, I have not eaten a cookie in about 6 weeks. That's big.

8:00 am

Tuesdays Teacher Spotlight

Name: Pete Cairns
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Classes I teach at Heat:

I am currently teaching the Heat A sequence at Heat Yoga. I have been teaching with a certification since May of 2013 and have been practicing teaching personal flows as well as Yoga Nidra for almost a year and a half. I took a certified training as a next step toward understanding more depth to experiences in life which have been presented to me. Initially it was through the support of one of my good friends as well as my teacher Laurel Van Matre who insisted I expand my boundaries and knowledge through a training. 

Favorite Posture:  

I think all of the postures can bring you to a place of complete awareness, though one needs to deconstruct the ego as well as any individual agenda to begin that process. I find myself practicing and teaching without music, but when I practice at home I enjoy trance music with tribal elements. 

Advice to Beginners: 

The best piece of advice I can recommend is: allow with awareness. When we limit ourselves by living through a construct we or someone else has created, we begin to disconnect within the practice. Everything is always progressing, and while some keys or tools which may have served us in the past might benefit us, we are constantly evolving and changing. It is good to remember this and to not get too caught up in any particular ‘right way’. 

As a beginner, do not worry about trying to look a certain way or getting a specific asana. The goal is to feel and encourage that which is concealed (the internal workings of the practice) to flourish into something which is revealed (externally). 

 What do you emphasize or want students to take away from your class: 

I emphasize feeling our way into the shapes we take. I am very interested in correct engagement and alignment within the postures, but ultimately we will hit a wall unless we truly feel out what we are doing. I would like students to take these actions I teach in class with them as one mode of experimenting the play within the postures. Maybe an action within a posture gets you much deeper into the asana flow, more dynamically, so when you do take a quick paced class, you get to the apex much more efficiently. 

 Other jobs: 

I have a BA in Theatrical Arts, specializing within costume construction. I love to tie dye and sew my own clothes. I have worked at the Guthrie and at the Children’s Theater. I have done many sewing gigs throughout the past years, as well as camp counseled and life guarded. I taught swimming lessons all throughout high school.

What has yoga done for you?: 

The way one practices on the mat very similar to how one practices life off the mat. Yoga can heal the body, but also teach one lessons about being conscious in the way we posture ourselves physically, mentally, and energetically. For me, yoga has helped keep asthma in check, as well as been a temple for me to release fears, doubts and insecurities about life. Initially one notices that the body begins to change and this change occurs very dramatically the more one practices. Everything is brought to the surface and even though we may not want to be confronted with aspects about ourselves, the key to progressing is YOGA! Whether you are sad, happy, in good vitality, or ill health, do yoga!  

11:22 pm

Tuesdays Teacher Spotlight

Name: Shannon Brendel

Hometown: St. Paul, MN currently living in Elk River

Classes taught at Heat: A, B, B+

How long have you been teaching? 18 months

Why became a teacher?

A lot of teachers are super flexible and super strong, I'm average on both those counts making me a less intimidating and approachable teacher.  My passion is to make all kinds of people feel comfortable and welcome doing yoga. 

Favorite pose and why?

Down dog and chaturanga.  If I have 5 minutes and need to get the kinks out and feel refreshed, down dog is the pose I do.  It's so wonderful for lengthening the spine and opening the whole body!  Chaturanga builds strength.

Favorite tune to hear in class?  

Anything Sade, Lenny Kravitz, Marvin Gaye, Jill Scott

Motivational tip or favorite quote?

Cultivate friendliness toward those that are happy and doing well, show compassion for those who are suffering, delight in the virtuous and disregard the wicked.  Doing this creates peace of mind.- Yoga sutra 1:33

Advice to beginners?

Approach teachers after class if you have questions on poses (correct form, modifications, etc).  We get really excited to help you advance your practice and there may not be time in class to address issues.  Also let the teacher know if you prefer not to have hands on adjustments in class.

Where can we find you when not at Heat?

I'd like to say something glamorous and exciting like sky diving and drinking martinis but most likely I'm at home cleaning and taking care of 3 kids and 2 dogs.  Netflix and I are serious buddies.  I also foster dogs and enjoying finding them forever homes.

Who knew (fun bit of info about you)?                 

I was married in Vegas (but not by Elvis)! 

What do you emphasize in your class? What would you like students to gain from your class? 

Because I am challenged in a lot of poses myself, I look for ways to make the poses accessible to students of all abilities.  I'd rather you have proper alignment using a block than improper alignment trying to touch the mat at all costs.  I am also hopefully that balance between pushing too hard and pushing too little;  I want to challenge people but do it in a smart and thoughtful way. 

Tell us about other jobs (other than yoga teacher) that you do or what you did before teaching yoga:  

I used to be somewhat computer savvy helping people when their computers broke down. 

What have you learned about yourself, on the mat, that is applicable to life off the mat?

I am pretty focused on my mat.  I don't watch other students and I close my eyes a lot.  I've learned I need to end comparisons in my day to day life just as I do in yoga;  It's an ongoing process.  My husband says I am kinder and more patient now, though.

What difference have you noticed in your body or overall health since practicing yoga? 

Less pain and more mobility!! I look forward to aging with a mobile back and open hips.