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10:19 pm

Breaking down the Heat A and B Sequences

Is there any poses in our Heat A or B series that are troubling you? Are you gaining all you can from each pose? Over the next month, I will be covering some of the poses from Heat A and B to give you some big action points you should focus on in each pose, as well as highlight the benefits and risks of each pose. If there is a pose you would like to learn more about or find a way that it can feel healthier in your body then ask any of our Heat Yoga Teachers before or after class or email me at monica@heatyogastudio.com.

Today I will be discussing Revolved Lunge (Parivrtta Anjaneyasana). This pose strengthens the quadriceps and gluteus muscles, while the twisting stimulates the abdominal organs and improves digestion. It also aids in detoxification. The lower part of the body is in the lunge position, with the front knee directly over the ankle. The hips should be square to the front of the room, scissoring the inner thighs to help with the alignment of the hips and create stability in the pose.  The hands are in the prayer position and your lower tricep is pressing into the thigh. The back knee can be down or lifted for an added challenge. Following are some major points to focus on: 
  • Draw your hip back by pressing down through heel of front foot
  • Coil the ribcage towwards the inner thigh 
  • Press into your thigh with your tricep for more extension
  • Turn your head in the direction of the twist towards the sky
A common mistake is the twist coming from the lower back instead of the torso. This action comes from spinning the bottom ribs down and forward, and spinning the top ribs back until the belly and sternum face the side wall.