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8:00 am

Tuesdays Teacher Spotlight

Name: Pete Cairns
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Classes I teach at Heat:

I am currently teaching the Heat A sequence at Heat Yoga. I have been teaching with a certification since May of 2013 and have been practicing teaching personal flows as well as Yoga Nidra for almost a year and a half. I took a certified training as a next step toward understanding more depth to experiences in life which have been presented to me. Initially it was through the support of one of my good friends as well as my teacher Laurel Van Matre who insisted I expand my boundaries and knowledge through a training. 

Favorite Posture:  

I think all of the postures can bring you to a place of complete awareness, though one needs to deconstruct the ego as well as any individual agenda to begin that process. I find myself practicing and teaching without music, but when I practice at home I enjoy trance music with tribal elements. 

Advice to Beginners: 

The best piece of advice I can recommend is: allow with awareness. When we limit ourselves by living through a construct we or someone else has created, we begin to disconnect within the practice. Everything is always progressing, and while some keys or tools which may have served us in the past might benefit us, we are constantly evolving and changing. It is good to remember this and to not get too caught up in any particular ‘right way’. 

As a beginner, do not worry about trying to look a certain way or getting a specific asana. The goal is to feel and encourage that which is concealed (the internal workings of the practice) to flourish into something which is revealed (externally). 

 What do you emphasize or want students to take away from your class: 

I emphasize feeling our way into the shapes we take. I am very interested in correct engagement and alignment within the postures, but ultimately we will hit a wall unless we truly feel out what we are doing. I would like students to take these actions I teach in class with them as one mode of experimenting the play within the postures. Maybe an action within a posture gets you much deeper into the asana flow, more dynamically, so when you do take a quick paced class, you get to the apex much more efficiently. 

 Other jobs: 

I have a BA in Theatrical Arts, specializing within costume construction. I love to tie dye and sew my own clothes. I have worked at the Guthrie and at the Children’s Theater. I have done many sewing gigs throughout the past years, as well as camp counseled and life guarded. I taught swimming lessons all throughout high school.

What has yoga done for you?: 

The way one practices on the mat very similar to how one practices life off the mat. Yoga can heal the body, but also teach one lessons about being conscious in the way we posture ourselves physically, mentally, and energetically. For me, yoga has helped keep asthma in check, as well as been a temple for me to release fears, doubts and insecurities about life. Initially one notices that the body begins to change and this change occurs very dramatically the more one practices. Everything is brought to the surface and even though we may not want to be confronted with aspects about ourselves, the key to progressing is YOGA! Whether you are sad, happy, in good vitality, or ill health, do yoga!