Five Things

Five things that will help you when you enter the studio


Make sure you're properly hydrated which is done by drinking water regulary - not chugging several bottles in the hours leading up to class. 


Your breath should guide your practice. This is especially true in a heated class. Let your body take the deep inhales and exhales it needs, and notice when your breath pattern changes - this is usually your body giving you a signal. Short, shallow breaths will tell you that you have gone too far. Holding your breath is a sign you should ease off a little. 


As in most yoga classes, not everyone in class will be at the same level. Don't feel discouraged if you can't take the same variation of a pose as the person next to you. You never know how long or how often someone else practices. Yoga is about finding how each pose (asana) is healthy for your own body. 


Each day you come to your mat is a little different. Some days you will be able to make pretzel shapes with your body while other days you may feel as flexible as granite. Balance may seem natural some days and then the next day you may have a hard time on two feet. Yoga is a practice. It gives you the opportunity to let go of the idea in head of how things are suppose to be and just breath, trust, and see what happens. 


Don't think "I can't" before attempting a pose.  Our classes are sequenced to warm up different parts of your body and prepare your body for poses later in class. Instead, take cues from the teacher and listen to your body. 


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