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1:27 pm

Summer Flash Sale!

After a long winter in Minnesota, there's no doubt that we want to spend every moment during the summer months outside. Practicing yoga throughout the summer months can help acclimate you to the season's heat and humidity by cooling your body more efficiently and effectively. It truly gives you a deeper edge on your practice, not to mention you will look and feel great all summer long! 

For this reason, we encourage you to spend some time on your mat and to help out we are having a FLASH SALE of a 15 Pack for $160. That is 15 classes for only $160*! This special deal is available for ONE WEEK ONLY so stop by our studio or go online to purchase now!  

8:22 am

New Classes Added to our Maple Grove Schedule!!

NEW classes added to our Maple Grove Schedule!

Gentle Flow on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 am

Power Vinyasa Flow on Tuesdays at 7 pm Heat A

Candlelit on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30 pm

Sundays at 4:30 pm & 6 pm More classes to come!

Check our schedule to get a complete list of classes!

2:40 pm

Spring Promotions

5 Class Pass for $60 (45 day expiration)

10 Class Pass for $110 (60 day expiration)

*All promotions are final sale. No refunds. Available for purchase until 5/31/17. 

Purchase now online or stop by either studio!  

12:00 pm

Blaine Studio Closing News

It's been an incredible 7 years and we are so grateful for the warmth and support we have received from the community and the opportunity to share our love of yoga. With a heavy heart, we would like to inform you that we will be closing our Blaine Studio on May 31st, 2017. This is not something that we want to do. Unfortunately, we are being forced out of the building by the owner. If we could financially do it, then we would relocate to another location in Blaine.

Our Maple Grove Studio will continue and will be adding additional class times. We hope that you will continue your practice with us at our Maple Grove Studio.

Any class passes that you wish to use at our Blaine Studio will need to be completed by May 31st, 2017. As always, class passes are also valid at our Maple Grove Studio. If you are a Monthly Autopay member in Blaine, we will be contacting you directly to discuss your membership. We will be offering membership and package specials to all Blaine students that continue their yoga journey with us at our Maple Grove Studio.

We want to thank you for welcoming us into the Blaine community. We thank you for becoming our yoga family and inspiring us every day with your practice. We thank you for not only what you've contributed to us and the community but also allowing us to watch the positive changes that we have seen in all of you. We hope you continue your yoga journey.

Heat Yoga Studio

10:10 am

March Special!

Our March Special is a 10 Class Pass for only $110! This special deal expires after 60 days and must be activated by 4/01/17. Go online or stop into either studio to purchase!

3:22 pm

NEW Yoga for Beginners Workshop this January!

Yoga for Beginners
6 Week Series Starting January 15
Expand and Grow Your Practice!

New yogis or those looking to brush up on the fundamentals will enjoy this 6 week beginner's series led by Shannon Brendel. Focusing on common postures from the Heat A and B sequence, this series will expand on breath work, alignment principles and variations/modifications in a 60 minute class format.

Sundays, 11 AM
January 15 - February 19
Maple Grove Studio
Cost: $120

9:00 am

Restorative Yoga Workshop this December!

Restorative Yoga Workshop
Friday, December 16, 7 pm
Maple Grove Studio
Cost: $25

Join Shannon Brendel in a practice that will cultivate some much needed peace and goodwill this holiday season. This 90 minute practice will start off with 30 minutes of gentle movement to warm up and prepare for a delicious 60 minute restorative practice.

Restorative yoga is the exact opposite of the “no pain, no gain” and “push yourself to the max” mentality we are bombarded with on a daily basis. In Restorative Yoga, releasing and surrendering versus pushing and forcing is the goal. A restorative practice relies on the use of props and the prolonged holding of a few simple poses to achieve a deep level of relaxation. You will leave class feeling a deep sense of calm and renewal, right in the midst of all the holiday chaos!

Suggested items to bring: eye pillow or handkerchief, an extra throw blanket or two. Studio will be warm and cozy, not hot.

Participants limited to 16.

Sign up now!

2:04 pm

Gift the love of yoga this holiday season

Share your love of yoga with friends and family this holiday season! Purchase $100 gift cards for only $80 or get a $60 gift card for only $50. Use gift cards toward any membership, package or retail purchase. *

* Gift card promotion available until 12/31/16. 2 gift cards per person.

7:00 am

Gratitude Week Specials

During this week of THANKS, we at Heat Yoga Studios want to express our GRATITUDE to you, our students, by offering special deals just for you! The more you buy, the more you save! These special deals are available on Sunday 11/20 through Saturday 11/26 only so stop by our studio or go online to purchase now!


FOR ONLY $75 (30 Day Expiration)

FOR ONLY $120 (60 Day Expiration)

FOR ONLY $275 (120 Day Expiration)

*No extensions on any of the Gratitude Promotions. Available Sunday, 11/20-Saturday 11/26 only. No exceptions. Must be activated by 12/15/16.

Purchase Now!

10:28 pm

Heat Yoga Studios is proud to be a part of our very own, Kayla Coffland's "Code Green" Movie

Last Sunday, we opened up our Maple Grove Studio to a film crew to be a small part in an incredible movie "Code Green". Kayla is a producer and stars in the movie based on a story from her own life.  Learn more about "Code Green" from Kayla: 

To most of you, I am the “brunette behind the desk.” But when I am not checking yogis’ into class, and cleaning the studios, I am pursuing my passions in singing and acting.  (Which you may very well have heard WHILE I clean the studio!) 

Last spring, I debuted as singer/ songwriter with my EP, Set Me Free. When I wrote and released the songs on this album, I thought it would put an end to the probing questions about my personal past. However, with lyrics like: 

Chained to the ground
I’m sick of being bound to you /Your voice echoes in my head /Telling me there’s nothing I can do 


Prowling like a lion/
He thrives when I’m broken/
He’s behind every corner, on every wall
/Just waiting to pounce when I stumble and fall 

The questions persisted. Through my music, I felt had offered a glimpse into my soul. But due to the pain I’d experienced in the past by divulging my story, I could only answer the questions about my lyrics in veiled clichés. 

I’d intended to bring hope and help to the hopeless and helpless, but without more of the backstory, I suspected my intentions might be falling short of my mission. I realized I’d have to use not only my voice—but my face, my feelings, and my story to help others to heal. 

Ten million people suffer from eating disorders and 20% of them lose their life to this battle. My hope is to expose the inside story, by sharing some of my story. By shedding light on the terrible struggle that rages within the sufferer, my hope is to put an end to the stares and rudeness and lack of empathy those of us with this disorder endure. Maybe, just maybe, Code Green will move people to stop judging people with this issue. Countless girls, boys, men, and women fight this monstrous illness on a daily basis. But the individual suffering from the disorder is not the only one that suffers. Parents and loved ones know there is no way “in,” and for the afflicted, there seems to be no way “out.” 

If this film reveals the truth of this illness, and as a result, a single hurting parent is able to grasp that they are not to blame, if even one vulnerable young person is moved to find the courage to seek help—then I will have succeeded in my mission—and my voice will truly have been heard. 

Thanks to Heat Yoga Studio, we were able to film one of our scenes at the Maple Grove location. Heat Yoga has been an integral part of journey to healing- mind, body, and soul. Therefore, being able to relive dark days in a space that I know is safe (even if it was mostly a locker room!) offered a bit of reprieve. For that, I am very grateful. 

Although we are finished filming, there is still much work that needs to be done in order for this film to be seen. If you would like to join in the fight, please visit: https://www.givemn.org/fundraiser/code-green-short-film-5795668732032

Through November 17th, all donations scheduled will be DOUBLED in honor of Give to The Max Day!  Together, I believe we can make a difference.