Teacher Spotlight - Kristin Cromie

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Name: Kristin Cromie, a.k.a. Yoga Spice

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Classes taught at Heat: Broga, Hatha, Prana, Candlelight

How long have you been teaching? 4 years

Why became a teacher? Yoga helped me heal and feel well, and I wanted to make this accessible to everyone.

Favorite pose and why? Sirsasana / King Headstand; this pose reminds me to take a new perspective, with equal parts invigorating and calming.  And it makes me feel badass.

Favorite tune to hear in class? Anything Desert Dwellers

Motivational tip or favorite quote? Yoga is the perfect place to be curious about who you are.

Advice to beginners? Breathe.

Where can we find you when not at Heat? Running, hiking and baking

Who knew (fun bit of info about you)? I have over 40 hours in the tattoo chair

What do you emphasize in your class? What would you like students to gain from your class? Breath is the key that links the mind and body.  Breath brings awareness to your being on and off the mat.

Tell us about other jobs (other than yoga teacher) that you do or what you did before teaching yoga: I worked in corporate America for 15 years for a packaging company.  I’ve also been a hair stylist and pizza delivery gal!

What have you learned about yourself, on the mat, that is applicable to life off the mat? I am enough, every single damn day. 

What difference have you noticed in your body or overall health since practicing yoga? I have brought awareness to all aspects of my health. I lost 100 lbs. with the inclusion of yoga, I am stronger in my arms and core, and more flexible all around.  Most importantly, I now honor where I should not push my body and respect its limits.  


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