Need more tips for Pincha Mayurasana?

As we continue to work on Pincha Mayurasana this week in Heat C, there are some common problems and misalignments and some prop options to make this pose more accessible for you: 

Common Problems and Misalignments: 
  • Elbows are wider than shoulder width apart and hands are folding in toward each other (see props below)
  • Collapsing in shoulders; trapezius around ears - lift the shoulders away from the hands
  • Lower back arched - protect the lower back by extending the flesh of the buttocks away from the back waist

Props to use: 
  • Use a yoga strap right above elbows to keep elbows shoulder width apart
  • Place a block against the wall. Place the "L" spape created between the index finger and thumb at each corner of the block. This will help you line up the arms to parallel. 

We'd love to hear how Heat C is going for you. Let your Heat Teacher know or send me an email at


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