Tips to help you achieve Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm Balance)

If you have attended a Heat C class this week or are planning on it then you have tried or will be trying Pincha Mayurasana. Pincha is a challenging pose but these tips can help you get closer to finding balance in this pose. 

  • Press the base of each finger and the inner wrist down
  • Lift the upper arm away from the forearm and spin the upper arms out as you press the inner forearms down 
  • Lift the sternum away from the floor
  • Draw the trapezius muscles away from the neck
  • Soften the front ribs
  • Release the inner and outer thighs back evenly
  • Straighten legs by activating the quadriceps and hamstrings
  • Feet together extending through the balls of the big toes

Give these tips a try and let us know if you feel a difference! 


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