Breaking Down the Series - Virabhadrasana II (Warrior 2 Pose)

Warrior 2 is part of both our Heat A and Heat B sequences. It strengthens legs and abdomen and opens hips. As this pose builds strength in the body, it also builds confidence. Here are some major things to focus on in this pose:
  • Front heel is in line with the back arch
  • Straighten back leg by engaging quadriceps
  • Roll the buttock of your front leg underneath you
  • Knee of front leg stacks over ankle
  • Elongate all four side of the waist
  • Hug the biceps and the triceps to the bone
There are also some common misalignments to look for in this pose: 
  • If your stance is too narrow, your front knee will extend beyond your ankle and put your knee at risk
  • Arch in the lower back - to help this you can make sure you have your lower abs drawn in or lengthen your tailbone down
  • Torso leaning over front leg - make sure your shoulders are stacked over the hips
  • Shoulders lifted around ears - soften shoulders down
Take some time the next time you are in Warrior 2 to make sure you are in correct alignment to receive all the benefits of this amazing pose. 


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