Teacher Spotlight - Nicole Christianson

Name: Nicole Christianson

Hometown: Plymouth, MN

Classes taught at Heat: Wednesday 6 AM, Thursday 530 AM, Saturday 8 AM & 930 AM.

How long have you been teaching? A little over a year.

Why became a teacher? Yoga has taught me so much about myself and the beauty of
simplicity. I believe you can learn so much on your mat about yourself and then carry it
with you into your everyday life. My hope is to help others see that yoga is much more
than a sequence of beautiful poses, but within each pose is the absolute ability to
bring healing and awareness to yourself.

Favorite pose and why? I love tree pose. I feel so strong and confident in this pose-it is
a wonderful feeling.

Favorite tune to hear in class? I am really into Magic by Coldplay or Bloodstream by Ed
Sheeran right now.

Motivational tip or favorite quote? Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make
a place beautiful.

Advice to beginners? Patience. Yoga is very different than a cardio class or a cross fit
workout. Your body may move in ways it has not moved in years. If you give yoga time,
commitment, and consistency, I believe any practitioner will fall in love with this yoga
thing. :)

Where can we find you when not at Heat? At home with my wonderful husband and my
two boys.

Who knew (fun bit of info about you)? My sister and I both married brothers.

What do you emphasize in your class? What would you like students to gain from your
class? Alignment, alignment, alignment! My primary goal is to keep my students safe
and my hope is they leave feeling stronger, calmer, and at ease.

Tell us about other jobs (other than yoga teacher) that you do or what you did before
teaching yoga: I graduated with Arizona State with a Finance degree and worked in the
field for sometime. After I got married and had children, I chose to stay home with my

What have you learned about yourself, on the mat, that is applicable to life off the mat?
The beauty of imperfection. I have learned to be true to myself and to live

What difference have you noticed in your body or overall health since practicing yoga?
Physically I am more toned and stronger. Mentally, I am calmer, more relaxed, and at


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