Tuesday Teacher Spotlight

Name: Alyssa Brylynskei (formerly known as Alyssa Jacobs


Hometown: Anoka, MN


Classes taught at Heat: I sub (A, B, Sculpt, Gentle Flow, Hot 90)


How long have you been teaching? Since 2008 (heat '10)


Why became a teacher?

Multiple reasons, but like most things I do "on a whim." It was an idea that popped into my head and I couldn't push out. My favorite of all the things I do.


Favorite pose and why?

Dancers/(standing bow pulling pose) it reminds me of my glory days as a competitive cheerleader, the grace of a princess ballerina I never became, and shows the balance between strength and flexibility. Plus it lets me be a bendy show off ;) -> so not yogi, I know.


Favorite tune to hear in class?

guitar meditations- Madre -Billy McLaughlin or romances for solo piano or music for sound healing -Steven halpern I'm a savasana kind of gal. I love yoga nidra. 


Motivational tip or favorite quote? Be a warrior not a worrier! 


Advice to beginners? Just keep breathing! 


Where can we find you when not at Heat? NYC


Who knew (fun bit of info about you)?

I can speak some Romanian. Vorbesc românești foarte rău. 


What do you emphasize in your class?

Listening to your own body. Also finding your limits and overcoming them. Try something new. Have fun! 


What would you like students to gain from your class?

Focus, confidence and peace. Self love!


Tell us about other jobs (other than yoga teacher) that you do or what you did before teaching yoga:

haha that's a long one: right now I am a flight attendant, teach barre, & work as a server. I split my time between Manhattan & Minnesota. 


What have you learned about yourself, on the mat, that is applicable to life off the mat?

Don't hold your breath.


What difference have you noticed in your body or overall health since practicing yoga?

Anxiety diminishes, mental clarity and my muscles are mushy in a good way.


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