Thursdays Pose to Try

In Sanskrit, the Warrior or Hero pose is called Virabhadrasana. The name derives from Virabhadra, a great warrior hero in Indian mythology. According to legend, Virabhadra had a fearsome appearance with a thousand heads, a thousand eyes and a thousand feet; he wielded a thousand clubs and wore the skin of a tiger. The term warrior is used in yoga to reference a pose meant to bring spirituality and enlightenment to one’s practice, according to "Yoga Journal." Warrior is a vigorous yoga posture that demands strength and steadiness. The Warrior pose has three variations. Warrior I strengthens the legs and back, releases the deep abdominal muscles and the iliopsoas, opens the shoulders and stretches the hip flexors. Warrior II strengthens legs and abdomen, opens hips and builds confidence. Warrior III strengthens the abdominal, back and leg muscles and improves coordination and balance. Try the different variations of warrior pose and find which is your favorite!


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