Brittany North

Hi, I’m Brittany! I was trained as a yoga instructor in my hometown of Appleton, WI in 2013. I came to yoga 5 years earlier, in my freshman year of college, where, for the hour I was on my mat, my mind was totally clear. Now, I find that same sense of peace and calm within when I teach. My favorite types of classes to teach are yoga nidra guided meditation, yin yoga, aroma flow, vinyasa flow, and hot power flow. In my classes, I like to incorporate yoga philosophy (the 8 limbs, sanskrit, meditative practices, history, etc.), and to include fun, unique poses—because, what better way to practice the cool poses we see on Instagram or YouTube, in a safe, supportive environment? I like my students to feel free to laugh without being laughed at. I received my undergraduate degree in Linguistics, English, and Photography in 2011; I received my Masters in Linguistics in 2013. I’ve completed 3 years of a PhD program (through UW-Madison) in Linguistics, with a focus on phonetics, and Native American language documentation and revitalization; there, I spent my summers on Indian reservations helping to create digital records of last speakers, and creating textbooks, dictionaries, and other educational materials in and for these lesser spoken languages. After I left the PhD program, I lived in Iowa teaching yoga full time for a year. I came back to Minneapolis after that, and began a Master of Science program in Communication Sciences and Disorders (online) through New York University. I spent some time working in various coffee shops and teaching yoga. In my free time, I love to read (classics, dystopia, biographies, political, and historical) and just recently got into audio books! I play sudoku puzzles, journal, practice tarot. I am trying to learn guitar and ukulele, and to write left-handed. I am working on headstands and splits in my yoga practice. Finally, I was just married in November, and we have the two greatest kitty babies alive (Fluffmaster 2000 and Rico Suave); definitely feel free to ask for pictures :) I look forward to learning about all of my students on a personal level, and how I can help guide, bolster, and enhance their practice.

Brittany North is currently not instructing any classes.