Wanita Martin

Receptionist Extraordinaire~

Wanita Martin instructs the following:
  • Gentle Flow
  • This gentle flow style of yoga uses soothing and well supported poses to help restore and dissolve tension in the body.
    We will guide you through meditation, breathing, and movement that provide much needed relaxation while strengthening the muscles that support your body.  You have the option to use bolsters and props to give more of a gentle support while receiving hand and foot massages while ending your session.
    Non-heated class that anyone can participate, from prenatal women to an extreme athlete that needs rest and recovery.

  • HEAT B
  • HEAT B is a set sequence of postures linking breath and movement (vinyasa), this class moves at moderate pace. Classes begin with warm up movements (Sun Salutations) while cultivating awarness of breath control. The series of postures improve flexibility, strength, posture, balance and mind-body awareness, while enjoying a deep sense of calm. The heat allows for a safe, deep loosening of the muscles and joints, mobilizes and strengthens the spine and stimulates and detoxifies the internal organs. Emphasis on balance and stregthening core, twists, chest muscles.  Vary comparable to HEAT A Classes.

    Appropriate for student at ALL levels can create their own physical intensity by choosing offered modifications and variations every practice you attend