Staff List

Shannon Brendel
Hi, my name is Shannon. I added yoga to raising 3 kids, 2 dogs, running, biking and striving to keep fit 2 years ago. Its been a great addition to my life giving me focus and clarity but also strength and endurance. I seek to teach people in an authentic, approachable way. I would love to help guide you in classes at Heat Yoga! Shannon completed her 200 hour yoga certification through YogaWorks in June 2012.
Anna Miller
Anna credits yoga with keeping her sane and centered through graduate school and two cross-country moves. Having spent much of her childhood and young adulthood training in ballet and contemporary dance, she was initially attracted to yoga as a way to stay connected with her body without the mental and physical pressures of the performance arts. Anna completed her teacher training in 2013 at an Astanga-based vinyasa yoga studio in Santa Barbara, California. She enjoys working with students of all abilities and is committed to fostering a non-judgmental space within which individuals can embark upon or continue their own yoga journeys.
Jennifer Lee
Jennifer took her first yoga class about 10 years ago. She liked the fact that she could actually slow down and still get a good workout. As a mother of 3, yoga was a really nice break and she did as much of it as she could. Jennifer’s hunger to learn more grew. So, she signed up for a yoga journal conference and took classes with Shiva Rea, Sean Corn, Cindy Lee, and other nationally known teachers. Shortly after she got back, Jennifer signed up for yoga teacher training through yogafit and started teaching in the year 2004 at Lifetime Fitness. Her desire to teach and learn has continued to grow. She has taken the 200 hour training at Corepower, completed trainings through Lifetime Fitness, and continues to take classes as much as possible.
Connie Garritsen
My yoga journey started about 5 1/2 years ago at Heat Yoga during a difficult time in my life. My husband was in the late stages of cancer at the time, and I found peace in yoga. Actually, I think that yoga found me when I really needed it. As I continued my yoga journey and experienced changes in body, mind and spirit, I became totally hooked!
In 2016 I took the 200 hour teacher training and started teaching at work and in the community. I received a lot of encouragement when I started doing yoga, and it is important to me to offer that to all students. I love yoga, I love teaching it, and I love the yoga community! I am excited and grateful to be part of the Heat Yoga community and look forward to seeing you on the mat. Namaste
Nikki Lee
Playing almost every sport as a kid, Nikki was inspired by training with her triathlete father, joining her mom’s avid step aerobic regimen, and just having an unrelenting love for dance and movement. After pursuing a degree in Health and Physical education at St Cloud State University, she taught fitness education in a Montessori School for two years along with a full-time position of designing and managing fitness programs for an international government defense contractor. With both NETA group and ACE personal training certifications, Nikki recognized her love for igniting the broadest possible community with a love for physical wellness and led almost every format of group fitness at the YMCA, Gold’s Gym and Lifetime.

Then – within a single fateful month – Nikki suffered debilitating back injuries from both a car and snowboarding accident. But the recovery path would afford new insights on strength and wellness, eventually leading her to yoga. Learning the benefits of hot yoga, Nikki went to California for training in a specialized practice which opened her eyes to the numerous and subtle ways people unknowingly abuse their bodies. Not only did this training help restore her back, Nikki also found inspiring insights on the mind-body connection. This realization profoundly changed her perspective, even shifting her parenting philosophy to the benefit of her son, who was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. The clarity and calm offered through yoga practice helped to convert life’s obstacles into opportunities. Since her initial training, Nikki also completed the renowned Yogaworks 200 hour program, then was subsequently invited as teacher training apprentice and co-teacher for another 200 hour training with Chrissy Canning of Yogaworks. Nikki followed that up with an additional 340-hour training from Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness.

Continuing her drive to make wellness and healing accessible for all, she completed a training for physical and emotional trauma from the Boston Trauma Center in 2016 and has expanded her practice to help those with brain injuries, physical disability and trauma on a path to wellness. Even after teaching thousands of classes, Nikki calls herself a perpetual student. Through each interaction, her understanding of a safe and effective practice is expanded and deepened. She believes that gaining alignment awareness, practicing consistently and a willingness for honest self-study, we can tap into the creative life force that exists within each of us. She passionately guides her students back to their bodies with a light-hearted and playful style steeped in substance. When not in the yoga studio, you can find her sipping coffee in a hammock, globe-trotting to new places or climbing a tree with a camera over her shoulder.

Bobbi Shroyer
Hello everyone! My name is Bobbi. I'm very excited to be a part of the heat family! Here is a little about myself. I was born in MN, but grew up in Phoenix Az. I have a home with my wonderful fiance and 9 year-old daughter in the great city of Champlin. I love to run, hike, weight train, paint, and pretty much just spend time with my friends and family. About 3 years ago I randomly jumped into an advanced hot yoga class.... And fell in love! The physical change was the first thing that turned me on to the yoga scene, but it wasn't long before I realized what yoga did for me mentally and spiritually. In short, yoga has completely changed my life (as over the top as that sounds). It helped unleash a part of me that would have never surfaced without my regular yoga practice. I figured my passion for yoga can be shared by becoming a teacher, and I could not be more excited! I completed my 200 hour teacher training through YogaWorks in June of 2013. I look forward to working with you all, and diving right into this new chapter! Namaste :)
Adam Tills
I am the Studio Director at Heat. Please feel free to share any feedback about the studio.
I began my Yoga journey over 12 years ago as a curiosity and for fitness. I quickly realized that it was so much more. Once understanding the mind/body connection and learning to practice what my body needed, my practice began to grow. 
I became interested in guiding students in 2012 and received my 200 RYT certification in 2015. I have led over 700 classes in my short teaching career. I love watching students grow in their own practice and helping them learn what Yoga is all about. I look forward to seeing you on your mat or just around the Studio. I am excited to be the Studio Director at Heat and have a lot of great ideas to take our community to the next level. Always feel free to share any comments, questions or feedback with me. Stay inspired...
Miriam Reeves
My journey to yoga started with a need to feel strong, graceful, and peaceful after leaving a rough past behind. Taking my yoga teacher training changed my entire practice and my entire life. In 2014, I began my teacher training with Alexandria Crow through YogaWorks. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Throughout training, I learned more about my body- its strengths and limitations- my thoughts and how to change them, and my yoga practice as a whole- both where it was on track and where it was sorely lacking. The biggest change to both my practice and my life was my awareness. I developed a strong sense of body awareness- realizing that my practice was indeed my own and that it didn’t have to look like everyone else’s, as well as a drive to work on those areas in my practice that I had never given a second thought to before. There was now an awareness surrounding my life. The ability to be aware and to be content were two things I had never had before. Yoga brought me to them.

I have my 200hr teacher certification through YogaWorks Alex Crow and have been teaching for almost 4 years now. In every class I teach I aim to encourage students to find their body awareness- whether that means slowing down or building up- and to both challenge themselves and find peace with their practice. I believe everyone should feel strong and content when leaving a practice and I hope you all will find that in my class. See you on the mat!

Brittany North
Hi, I’m Brittany! I was trained as a yoga instructor in my hometown of Appleton, WI in 2013. I came to yoga 5 years earlier, in my freshman year of college, where, for the hour I was on my mat, my mind was totally clear. Now, I find that same sense of peace and calm within when I teach. My favorite types of classes to teach are yoga nidra guided meditation, yin yoga, aroma flow, vinyasa flow, and hot power flow. In my classes, I like to incorporate yoga philosophy (the 8 limbs, sanskrit, meditative practices, history, etc.), and to include fun, unique poses—because, what better way to practice the cool poses we see on Instagram or YouTube, in a safe, supportive environment? I like my students to feel free to laugh without being laughed at. I received my undergraduate degree in Linguistics, English, and Photography in 2011; I received my Masters in Linguistics in 2013. I’ve completed 3 years of a PhD program (through UW-Madison) in Linguistics, with a focus on phonetics, and Native American language documentation and revitalization; there, I spent my summers on Indian reservations helping to create digital records of last speakers, and creating textbooks, dictionaries, and other educational materials in and for these lesser spoken languages. After I left the PhD program, I lived in Iowa teaching yoga full time for a year. I came back to Minneapolis after that, and began a Master of Science program in Communication Sciences and Disorders (online) through New York University. I spent some time working in various coffee shops and teaching yoga. In my free time, I love to read (classics, dystopia, biographies, political, and historical) and just recently got into audio books! I play sudoku puzzles, journal, practice tarot. I am trying to learn guitar and ukulele, and to write left-handed. I am working on headstands and splits in my yoga practice. Finally, I was just married in November, and we have the two greatest kitty babies alive (Fluffmaster 2000 and Rico Suave); definitely feel free to ask for pictures :) I look forward to learning about all of my students on a personal level, and how I can help guide, bolster, and enhance their practice.